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Ride Beyond Limits with ETC Gear Boots

"Unleash the Power of Performance with ETC Gear Motorcycle Riding Boots"

Rover are the motorcycle touring boots created by ETC Gear to meet the needs of riders who use the bike all year round.

Rover boots are comfortable and functional, ideal on medium/long-range trips and when touring. They are technically designed and developed using superior material to keep the boot light weight without compromising on protection and comfort of rider.

  • Description:-
  • 1. Genuine leather with water resistance capacity to provide protection from abrasion.
  • 2. Polyamide toe cap to withstand high impact and make shoe lighter.
  • 3. TPU heel protection and polyamide insert at ankle to enhance protection level.
  • 4. Double density sole: Specially designed rubber outsole for better grip on extreme surfaces and EVA midsole to enhance comfort on long ride.
  • 5. Antimicrobial PU footbed to make your ride more comfortable.
  • 6. Adjustable Velcro and reflector.

Choose ETC Gear Motorcycle Riding Boots and elevate your riding experience. Get ready to embrace the road with confidence, comfort, and unmatched performance. Your journey starts here.

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1. Advanced Performance:

Our motorcycle riding boots are designed with cutting-edge technology to enhance your riding experience. From superior grip on any terrain to reinforced protection for your feet, ETC Gear boots ensure peak performance.


2. Comfort Redefined:

Experience a level of comfort that matches the thrill of the ride. ETC Gear boots are ergonomically designed for long journeys, with features like cushioned insoles and breathable materials that keep you comfortable mile after mile.


3. Unmatched Durability:

Built to withstand the toughest rides, our boots are crafted with high-quality materials that stand up to the rigors of the road. ETC Gear boots are your reliable partner for years of adventure.


4. Style Meets Functionality:

Stand out on the road with boots that not only perform exceptionally but also look great. ETC Gear boots combine style and functionality, making a statement while ensuring your safety.


5. Adventure-Ready:

Whether you're cruising down the highway or tackling rugged trails, ETC Gear Motorcycle Riding Boots are engineered to excel in diverse riding conditions. They're the perfect companion for riders who crave adventure.